Hair Loss Prevent

I have long been in the market for a way to find a hair loss prevent program that is going to work for me. I have hair loss due to Dihydrotestosterone (which has also been linked to prostate cancer) so I want a hair loss prevent product that is going to be useful for my particular type of hair loss, preferably by preventing the amount of DHT in my body with causing it any additional harm.

For me, when searching for the right hair loss prevent product, I was looking for a product that met these very specific qualifications:

  1. It must be inexpensive - I can afford a hair loss prevent product that costs a little bit, but the problem is that all of these products need to be used for a very long period of time, and who knows how financially secure I will be 5 to 10 years down the road.
  2. It must be effective - This may go without saying, but for some medications there is a trade off between side effects and effectiveness, where the less side effects you want to risk, the less effective the product is, but at least you are not getting sick.
  3. It must be safe - While that trade off mentioned above might exist, preferably I'd find a hair loss prevent supplement that is completely safe, because I do not want to risk my health just to save my hair, no matter how much I want to keep all of my hair.

For all three of these it was tough to find a hair loss prevention treatment that would satisfy all three of those needs. There were a few safe and effective hair loss prevent treatments that were too expensive. There were a few cheap and effective products that were not safe. And there were a few cheap and safe products that were not effective. Overall the tradeoff rate between what the hair loss prevent product was able to do and whether it satisfied all three of my needs was pretty high.

Luckily, I was able to find a hair loss prevent product at that was able to match all three of those qualifications. It was all natural, so it was completely safe. It was as effective as the pharmaceutical meds, and it was inexpensive - an entire month's supply cost less than my phone bill. After I saw it met all three of those qualifications, I knew I had to get started on it right away.

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Men's Hair Loss Treatment

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