How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Genetics can be a cruel mistress. Your genetics is what gave you your look and style. It gave you your skin tone and your eye shape. And it is also what gave you your hair loss. For those that are suffering from male pattern baldness caused by genetics you may be wondering how to prevent hair loss. Luckily for you, there are many method to preventing hair loss that are available even when genetics is to blame for it occurring.

Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

In order to prevent hair loss, one must first ensure that it is caused by genetics and not by outside sources, like stress or nutrition. If you are not getting enough zinc in your diet, or you have been increasingly stress of late due to job or marital stress, that may actually be the cause of your hair loss and to stop it you will need to adjust those two aspects of your life, either by changing your diet or by seeing a therapist.

If you are wondering how to prevent hair loss caused by DHT, however, this is possible using a DHT blocker designed to prevent the formation of DHT allowing your hair to grow without DHT getting in the way.


DHT, or Dihydrotestosterone, is a hormone in your body that is known to cause hair loss. It binds itself to the root of your hairs, and it does not allow them to get the vitamins they need to grow.

It is created when an enzyme known as 5 alpha reductase connects with testosterone, converting it to DHT.

In order to block DHT without affecting your body, you need to prevent this conversion. To do so, you get a natural DHT blocker that uses something like Saw Palmetto (an all natural herb).

This prevents the DHT from forming without causing any body stress or side effects.

Finding the Right Product

Learning how to prevent hair loss is not as difficult as finding the right product. For that, you need to find out which product is known to combat DHT the best without harming the rest of your body. Most likely you are going to want a product that not only prevents DHT from forming, but also strengthens your hair so that they are less likely to fall out in the future.

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