Prevent Hair Loss with Procerin

Prevent Hair Loss by Identifying the Cause

Hair loss is a gradual process, the average scalp contains around 100,000 hairs and we usually lose 100 to 150 hairs a day. Each hair usually survives for about four and a half years and it grows about a half an inch per month. Around the fifth year the hair falls out and a new hair replaces it within six months.

We all lose hair as we age; balding is usually the work of heredity not a disease or illness. Twenty-five percent of men start the balding process before they reach thirty and over sixty percent are either bald or have a balding pattern by the time they reach sixty. Men have been trying to prevent hair loss ever since history was recorded and probably even before then.

Most men believe that their genes cause balding so they do little to prevent hair loss or they wait until they reach forty and then try to prevent balding by using a highly promoted topical foam or some other treatment that claims to prevent hair loss or cure male pattern baldness. Some professionals consider that process the too little, too late approach.

In order to prevent hair loss men should start as early as possible and find a hair loss supplement that stimulates the hair follicles that are dormant. Hair grows in three stages. Ninety percent of the follicles are in the active stage or Anagen stage and ten percent are in the Catagen and Telogen stage which are the dormant stages in the hair growth cycle. When you start to loss hair rapidly the cause of hair loss must be identified before you can prevent hair loss.

The Best Way to Prevent Hair Loss Is to Find a Hair Loss Supplement That Balances Hormone Levels

Excessive stress, a major illness, or an autoimmune condition, can cause rapid hair loss, and so can crash diets, an infectious disease, and an overactive or underactive thyroid. All of these issues cause a hormonal imbalance and when there is too much testosterone in the bloodstream it changes to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can change hair follicle activity.

DHT can put an active follicle in the one of the dormant stages until a supplement that can prevent hair loss stimulates the follicle so it returns to the Anagen stage of hair growth. Most professionals recommend the ingredients in Procerin if hormone levels are out of balance. Procerin two step approach stimulates hair follicles internally as well as externally so the follicles return to the active growing stage.

The seventeen ingredients in Procerin’s formula block DHT production and it’s guaranteed to give you the results you expect. Procerin helps get the normal hair growing cycle back on track.

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