The Vitamins for Hair Loss

It is possible to lose your hair due to your diet. While it is less common than DHT related hair loss, those that do not get enough of certain vitamins are prone to losing their hair until they have changed their dietary sources to adjust for this deficiency.

One vitamin to prevent hair loss is Zinc. Zinc is found in several different foods, and is important for protein synthesis, circulation, and many other functions that are beneficial for growing your hair. By taking the vitamin to prevent hair loss, you are essentially making sure that you have enough of it in your system to keep your hair growth cycle strong and your head of hair stronger.

Another vitamin to prevent hair loss is Vitamin B-6. Like Zinc, Vitamin B-6 is good for circulation and synthesis. It also helps your immune system. A deficiency in this vitamin is also known to cause hair loss, so by taking the vitamin to prevent hair loss you are able to worry about your diet less.


If your hair loss is caused by Dihydrotestosterone, however, you may need not just specific vitamins/minerals, but a vitamin to prevent hair loss that combines all of the various herbs, minerals, etc., in order to ensure you have as many different ingredients as you can locate to help you keep your hair healthy.

Some of these ingredients, like Gotu Kola or Ginseng, can be found separately in natural food markets, but in order to get the full effect you will want to take the correct dosage, as well as take it together because these products on their own do not work nearly as well as they do as a team.

For example, while Gotu Kola helps reduce the amount of the enzyme that creates DHT, ginseng strengthens your hair so that even if some DHT still gets created, your hair is stronger and able to withstand its grasp. On its own, Gotu Kola can stop some DHT but not all of it, so it would still attack your hair, and Ginseng can strengthen your hair but it is not going to help much if you still have a great deal of the hormone in your body.

For this purpose, use a vitamin to prevent hair loss like Procerin, that is made with several different herbs and minerals so that you can ensure that you are getting the maximum amount of help for your hair health.

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