Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

With so much science devoted to stopping hair loss and preventing receding hairlines, new methods of helping combat the various hair loss issues are being released quite often. In fact, there are so many ways to prevent hair loss these days that it can actually be difficult to come to a decision about which one you would like to do.

Below is a reference of some of the ways to prevent hair loss that may work for you, with notes about what type of hair loss it is best for and when you should taking it.

Anti-Stress, Anti-Anxiety Herbs/Medications

There are several anti-stress herbs and medications that, as implied, help you reduce your stress. Stress can actually cause hair loss, as well as various behaviors (like hair plucking) that are caused by stress related ticks. Therefore, one of the ways to prevent hair loss if you have either stress related hair loss or are suffering from Trichotillomania is to take some sort of anti-stress supplement in order to relax your mind and body.


This can mean two different things. These can be vitamins to prevent hair loss, such as supplements like Procerin which are made of several different herbs and minerals designed to prevent DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), prevent vitamin deficiencies, and even prevent stress. Or it can simply be taking more Zinc and Vitamin B-6, deficiencies in which can cause hair loss. Either way, Vitamins are useful if you have either DHT related hair loss and/or nutrition related hair loss, though some of them - like Procerin - are also useful for stress related hair loss as well.


Surgery used to be one of the only options, but with the creations of medicines and supplements these days, it is far less common. Surgery is not a good option for preventing DHT related hair loss because it doesn't actually deal with the DHT problem. Surgery, however, is still useful for age related hair loss. Though before you assume you have age related hair loss, make sure it is not DHT or nutrition first, which are known to cause hair loss in the elderly as well.

All of these ways to prevent hair loss are effective for their individual purposes, but as you can see, the type of hair loss you are suffering from dictates which type of treatment you use, so make sure you know before you start any hair loss treatment.

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